How to buy healthy food for a healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is a commitment which isn't easy to make considering you will be avoiding a whole lot of food which you have been eating all your life. Making healthy food choices starts with making wise decisions which calls for moderation of cheat meals and implementation of a strict diet for the betterment of your body. By knowing what food to avoid when shopping for grocery or eating at a restaurant will be greatly beneficial to your body and you will see improvement in your overall health. You will even see your body lose excess weight, however your main goal shouldn't be weight loss but rather following a strict and healthy diet. Do not restrict the quantity of the food you should eat but rather restrict the type of food and leave some extra space for cheat meals. If you follow your diet plan about 80% of the time and eat regular food which you have been eating for the remaining 20% of the time, even that will be extremely affect your health in a good way. It is almost impossible to follow a strict diet plan 100% of the time and doing so will only take you off the track and you will abandon the diet while falling back to your usual unhealthy eating habits.

Buy packaged food with the minimum number of ingredients

Buying packaged food isn't the best choice you can make but if you don't have any other options, choose the food with the least number of ingredients. A lot of food now a days is processed and contains many chemicals, preservatives, food coloring and other additives which are harmful for your body and can have adverse effects on your health over a long run. If you look at the label on the packaged food you're buying at the grocery store, you will be surprised to see how many ingredients are actually on there. On a typical package you can find about 30 to 50 ingredients which go into the product. These chemicals are added to prolong the self life of the food and to give it flavor. These kinds of food tend to be cheap because of the longer shelf life. Most of these ingredients are harmful chemicals which can have adverse effects on your body if ingested in large quantities over a long period of time. These adverse effects include but are not limited to cancer, acne, autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, etc. Good packaged food will contain the minimum number of ingredients without all the harmful chemicals and preservatives and will have a very small shelf life. The ideal number of ingredients should be around 3 or 4. Such foods are hard to find and tend to be pricier because of the shorter shelf life.

Buy grass fed meat

If you are not a vegetarian and eat meat, you should buy only grass fed meat. Grass fed meat is the best meat you can find in the stores and it is more expensive than grain fed or normal meat. Grass fed meat is obtained from animals which are solely fed on grass pastures and not grains. Grass is the natural diet of these animals.
Grain fed meat, on the other hand, is obtained from animals which are mostly fed grains and artificial ingredients to increase their meat production. Grains are not the only diet of these animals because they require grass in their diet for their optimum health, and feeding them only grains causes the animals to get sick. Hence, they are given antibiotics and other medicines which are passed on to their meat. Buying grass fed meat is the best choice for your body as it is free from antibiotics and other harmful chemicals.

Buy vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are a very important part of our diet and they contain most of the nutrients that our body needs. Consuming mostly raw and minimally cooked vegetables and fruits is most beneficial to your body as most of the nutrients will be present in the food as cooking destroys the nutrients.

Buy pasture-raised eggs

Many eggs nowadays are marketed as cage free eggs and free range eggs. But they are not really cage free eggs as the chicken are allowed less than 2 square feet of space in a confined barn. They are fed purely feed which consists of corn and soy. Pasture-raised eggs on the other end are the real deal. Chickens are let out in the morning and are let to roam free and eat whatever they want to feed on including grass, worms, insects and feed. They are stress free chickens in a natural environment, eating natural food.

Avoid processed foods 

Processed foods like hot dogs, sausages, bacon, deli sandwiches, etc. are easily available at many places, even gas stations, and they are relatively cheaper to buy as compared to healthier foods. Processed foods also taste good. They are made from inferior meats and loaded with ingredients such as preservatives, food coloring and various chemicals. There have been countless studies linked to process foods and cancer. In short, if you desire a longer life span, considering avoiding processed foods at all costs.

We will discuss more in detail the above topics in later blog posts, but the above information should give you an overall idea of what foods to avoid and what foods to buy in order to live a healthy, happy and long life. Please let us know in comments about your thoughts on this article and share this post with your friends and family.

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