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How To Eat Healthy For A Healthy Heart 💗

A lot of our diet nowadays contains large amounts of fat. Since fats are linked to heart diseases you should take steps to avoid them. The type of fats to avoid are saturated and trans fats which are bad for the heart and lead to increase cholesterol levels in the body. It is recommended to limit fatty food intake to about 30% of your daily food intake.

         Most of our diet should be based around complex carbohydrates like whole grain breads, pasta, rice and low sugar and low fat cereals. Carbohydrates reduce the amount of cholesterol because they absorb excess cholesterol in the stomach. Also eating more carbohydrates means that you will be eating less saturated and trans fats.

         Incorporating more fruits and vegetables in your diet will benefit your heart greatly. Fruits and vegetables are linked to healthy hearts. Numerous studies have shown that vegans and vegetarians have minimal risk of heart disease because they have loads of fruits and vegetables in their…

How to buy healthy food for a healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is a commitment which isn't easy to make considering you will be avoiding a whole lot of food which you have been eating all your life. Making healthy food choices starts with making wise decisions which calls for moderation of cheat meals and implementation of a strict diet for the betterment of your body. By knowing what food to avoid when shopping for grocery or eating at a restaurant will be greatly beneficial to your body and you will see improvement in your overall health. You will even see your body lose excess weight, however your main goal shouldn't be weight loss but rather following a strict and healthy diet. Do not restrict the quantity of the food you should eat but rather restrict the type of food and leave some extra space for cheat meals. If you follow your diet plan about 80% of the time and eat regular food which you have been eating for the remaining 20% of the time, even that will be extremely affect your health in a good way. It…